Sunday, December 9, 2012

Helen's Bridge - Asheville, NC

Now, as much as I despise being called a "Ghost Hunter" (as you all know), sometimes it's true. It truly is good to have a hobby and just geek out with your friends and do a little hobby time. Being serious investigators all the time can wear a team out. So if you're a team leader or founder of a group take them out for some honest fun once and awhile. That is what I did!

Why is it that in any urban legend or ghost story you only get a general description of where to go for the location? Of course, I only had a general idea as to how to get there and where it was since NO ONE ever posts directions to this sort of urban legend location.

Yeah well, in keeping with is a map showing a general road in a general location, this may or may not be the actual location of Helen's Bridge.

(Just kidding! These are the actual directions to Helen's Bridge and the driving directions are posted below.)

The legend is that the Zealandia castle caught fire and a young woman lost her only child in the flames. Helen was so lost without her daughter she hung herself from a small stone bridge not far from the castle. Since then it is said that if you go to the bridge late at night, turn off your car, and call her name you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of her. Dressed in a long gown, it is said that she may ask you if you have seen her daughter. If it so happens that you do see her your car will be unable to start for a while.

Ghost hunters, paranormal enthusiasts, and teenagers looking for a scare, have flocked to this site for many years. It is obvious that the local teens hang out here with the amounts of litter and trash that lay about and the amount of teens that came to explore while we were there. During the 1940’s there used to be many Indian burial locations and it is rumored that these graves were disturbed. Apparitions and orbs have been documented (ORBS!) and some people have even described being pushed, slapped, scratched, and kicked. It is very possible it is not Helen but another darker entity. Zealandia website owners ask that no one provoke the “spirits” that lurk on or near the bridge.

Being the sort of skeptic's that we are, provoking is our specialty. Don't get me wrong, we respect the dead but stories of slapping, hitting, and scratching, is too irresistible for us. An entity that is willing to do physical harm is not just a lonely spirit and we want evidence of that particular existence.

Look closely above our heads the rocks are shaped like a skull. We thought that was cool, (not paranormal)
We had two recorders running at the same time on opposite ends of the bridge we had been calling for Helen for about fifteen minutes when jokingly a member asked "have you seen my daughter?" This is the response we got. Click Here. We were not kicked, scratched, punched, etc. as we had hoped and expected. The woods are loaded with thorny vines so any scratches we did get was from the greenery.

So go and have fun my paranormal friends! Send us your pictures of Helen's Bridge here and be entered for your chance to win Season 1 of Ghost Adventures on DVD! (The pictures do not have to be paranormal in nature.) You can also be entered to win just by commenting on this post. The winners will be announced within one month of this post.

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